Phoenix Local City Parks

Whether you're looking for a local dog park, skate park, swimming pool, tennis court or a variety of any other amenities, it's easy to find at Use the controls above to remove parks without the amenities you’re looking for.

Phoenix Dog Parks at

The Valley of the Sun offers many play areas for you and your pet. You should avoid bringing your cat, but Phoenix dog parks offer hours of entertainment for you and your dog, especially if someone brings their cat.

Phoenix Skate Parks at

Once a rarity, skate parks are now scattered across the Phoenix area. Skinked snakebowls, spines, kidney bowls, banked alleys, pump bumps, radial banks and elongated funboxes (just to name a few), are never more than a few miles away.

Phoenix Public Swimming Pools at

With temperatures that never drop below three digits for months on end, staying cool in the Valley is a priority. Even if you have a pool in your backyard, nothing beats the freedom of the diving boards and lengthy lanes that your own city parks provide.

Phoenix City Park Fishing Holes at

In a city not well known for rivers, lakes or even trees for that matter, there are many places to cast out a line and relax next to one of our well-stocked city park ponds. You can take the boat out of town on the weekends, but for an after-work catch, visit one of our local parks.

Phoenix Horseback Riding Parks at

The Valley quite surprisingly offers up a few areas that are dedicated to horseback riding. You can pack up the horses in the back of your SUV and hit up any of these parks. Some even offer rentals for those with the country spirit, but lack the space, time, or Suburban to transport them in.

Phoenix Park Hiking Trails at

If you are daring enough to brave the heat for a hike in the Phoenix area, you are in luck. There are large parks of undeveloped land scattered with trails and vistas with fantastic views across the city. Be sure and check out our very own Papago Park. It's like nowhere else.

Phoenix Exercise Parks at

Staying fit doesn't require a monthly fee in the Valley of the Sun, unless you consider in those pesky property taxes. Many of our parks have exercise courses designed to cover your glutes, pecs, abs, calves and more. Most have water fountains available.

Phoenix Public Basketball Courts at

Playing basketball in the driveway is great, but sometimes you need to get away from the slope of the driveway, the not-quite-regulation basket height, and have a backboard that leaves room for a rebound. Just check here. There's surely a basketball court close by if not within walking distance.

Phoenix Public Soccer Fields at

There is no alternative to a local city park for playing soccer. The wide expanse of grass and goal pens are not available in most yards, but Phoenix parks are abundant in both. Grab 21 of your closest friends and banana kick it on into in any of these parks.

Phoenix Public Volleyball Courts at

Whether you're an avid player or prefer to sit by the sidelines, volleyball is always a good time. The Valley offers up countless areas to get your spike on in the day or night. There's sand, grass, and if you're lucky enough for some rain, even some mud volleyball abound.

Phoenix Public Tennis Courts at

Tennis, you love it or hate it. Maybe you love to hate it, in which case the city of Phoenix does a fine job catering to you. There are parks with tennis courts all around, and even some parks dedicated just to tennis, such as the Mountain View Community Center Park near 7th St. and Bell with a lobbing 20 courts!

Phoenix Public Softball and Baseball Diamonds at

Baseball is fun to watch, but it's a hum-dinger to play, and you're never too far from a field in the Phoenix area. With most offering picnic areas, it's a fun way to spend the afternoon whether you prefer to bat or sit on the side waiting for a foul ball.

Phoenix Public Football Fields at

A wide expansion of grass for football, rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, tai-chi or what-have-you can be sometimes hard to find. Within the Valley of the Sun is wide expanses of plush grass to do whatever is to your liking.

Phoenix Public Racquetball Courts at

If you don't go to the gym, racquetball can be hard to find. If you do go to the gym, you know it can be hard to find a friend to play against. Our city parks are a great alternative, with no membership fees. Grab your racquet, ball, and don't forget your goggles.

Phoenix Public Horseshoe Pits at

That's right, it's horseshoes. You wouldn't think that your local park would offer up such a simple pleasure as horseshoe pits, but some do. Now if you can't get to your local sports store for a set to play with, be sure and check out the Valley horse parks to pick up some spares.

Phoenix Public Archery Ranges at

Wait, wait, hold the bowstring.. Phoenix parks offer archery? That's right. There are a few. You may have to drive a bit, but it sure beats the alternative of practicing in cramped backyards, apartment courtyards, or long hallways.

Phoenix Public Frisbee and Disk Golf Courses at

No matter where you are, it's hard to find a place for frisbee golf. Cages are hard to come by, but disk golf is available in select parks about the Valley of the Sun. They may be few and far between, but the courses are great and there's plenty of room for hacky sack while you await your turn. Provides a Simple Way to Find Parks Across the Valley of the Sun

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